“The only thing about Social Media that is constant, is change.”

“The one rule to follow in Social Media is this: that there is no one rule that works for everyone.”

Little argument can be made that Social Media, when used properly in support of a business or an artist, can have a dramatic effect on positive exposure for that artist or business. Performed incorrectly, Social Media can be useless, or worse, be damaging to your reputation, your sales and your income.

May we assist you in engaging your potential clients via Social Media correctly?

If you are an artist, author or business that has little-to-no technology background, you basically have a few choices:
1) Put in a butt-load of energy that takes you away from your passion: try to do your own Social Media.
2) Ignore Social Media completely and hope for the best.
“Hope is Not a Strategy” — author Rick Page.
3) Hire a full time person to handle Social Media for you, with some significant fixed costs but no guaranteed outcome.
4) Partner with someone like us to manage your Social Media engagement for you, in a manner that is measurable, and that you can turn
UP or turn OFF with simply a phone call.

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Stay True to Yourself!

Social Media is one thing we do well. ________________ is what you do well (we’ll let you fill in the blanks).

Why spend your time trying to do something that is not in your nature, when there are lovely folks like us that do this everyday, and with passion?

Let us share your passion via Social Media, so that you may stay true to what you do best.