A Savage Wisdom

Norman German

An imaginative reconstruction of the life of the only woman executed in Louisiana's electric chair.

From the Bronx to the Bayou

Mike Fawer

Over nearly six decades, trial attorney Mike Fawer's prolific career as trial attorney led him to defend a charismatic Louisiana governor...

Cajun Chameleon

Jimmie Martinez

If you liked To Kill a Mockingbird, you'll love Cajun Chameleon!

Familiar Evil

Rannah Gray

When a young British businessman coincidentally connects with an American public relations consultant, the two end up working with authorities on an international criminal case that builds to an explosive conclusion.

Cardy the Cardinal Finds a Home in Donaldsonville

Mary Gehman with Alvin Batiste (artist)

Wonderful children's book featuring artwork from folk artist Alvin Batiste.

Where Writers Wrote In New Orleans

Angela Carll

Author Angela Carll brings her many years as a realtor, newspaper real estate columnist and tour guide to identifying the kinds of buildings and neighborhoods that have housed our most celebrated writers --William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, Anne Rice and Richard Ford, to name a few.

Free People of Color of New Orleans

Mary Gehman

Creoles: This is their story, rarely mentioned in conventional histories, and often misunderstood today, even by some of their descendants.

FANtastic Saints

Ron Calamia

Photographic tribute to the greatest football fans in the world... the Who Dat Nation!

Troublesome Creek and Beyond

Bill Weinberg

Perceptive collection of short stories in an Appalachian setting.

Long Shot

Tyler Bridges and Jeremy Alford

Only in a state whose politics are notoriously wild could a United States senator best known for his involvement in a sex scandal still be considered the odds-on favorite for governor.

Women and New Orleans: A History

Mary Gehman

New Orleans women's contributions to the worlds of education, religion, art, medicine, preservation, politics, law, literature, social services, and civil rights.


Poppy Jackson

A story of betrayal, heartbreak, and an improbable love, with a normal teenage girl stuck in the middle.


E. Azariah

How could three illegal genetic deviants ever start a movement that could become a Revolution?

Contraposition Vol 3

Ev Malcolm (Editor), Nathan Rupp (Editor)

Poetry and Short Fiction by some of America's finest authors.

Edwin Edwards: Governor of Louisiana

Leo Honeycutt

The much anticipated publication of the authorized biography of Louisiana's controversial former Governor Edwin Edwards.

Louisiana Grind

Dylan Barbier

See Louisiana life through the eyes of one of Louisiana's most talented photographic artists.

Contraposition Volume 1

Ev Malcolm (Editor),? Nathan Rupp (Editor)

Poetry and Short Fiction by some of America's finest authors.

NICE GUYS FINISH FIRST: THE CLARKE WILLIAMS STORY: The Building of Telecommunications Giant CenturyLink

Leo Honeycutt

Clark Williams set out to prove that his religious faith has a place in creating a business, and he discovered unbounded success.


Poppy Jackson

With the foreboding threat of Catherine looming over them all, Benjamin sends Charlotte and Moody away to pay respects to his dying father, and for their own safety.

Contraposition Volume 2

Ev Malcolm (Editor), Nathan Rupp (Editor), Chelsea Rennhoff (Editor), Patrick Fallon (Editor)

Poetry and Short Fiction by some of America's finest authors.

FLUX (Post-Humana Chronicles Book 2)

E. Azariah

In a world that belongs to the elves, it is nearly impossible for humans to evade the suppressive scrutiny of the government.

Los Hallazgos de El Andariego

Dr. Richard Edgar Zwez

The Wanderer is an individual of low social class. He is an appealing funny hero who lives by his wits in order to survive the series of difficult situations of this road epic.

Hamlet, King of Denmark

Richard Edgar Zwez

What happens where Shakespeare left off?