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Edwin Edwards is Back!

The ONLY Authorized Biography by Leo Honeycutt
Available as an eBook NOW!

“Edwin Edwards: Governor of Louisiana”


W2G Publishing has been chosen to be the exclusive, worldwide distributor of the eBook version of this terrific book.

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The first novel in a three-book series by Poppy Jackson


W2G Publishing has been chosen to be the exclusive, worldwide distributor of this terrific book by Chattanooga's own Poppy Jackson. It will soon be available on iTunes, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and other locations.

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The Axman of New Orleans

From the popular murder mystery writer Chuck Hustmyre (Killer with a Badge, A Killer Like Me, House of the Rising Sun) comes his novel based on an historic character from the early 1900s, The Axman of New Orleans. The real life mystery  is told by a detective, Colin Fitzgerald , recently returned wounded from the Great War, who chases an ax murderer in New Orleans. The victims are Italian grocers and their families. Fitzgerald is helped by sidekick news reporter Emile Denoux  -- together they uncover a massive corruption scheme and Fitzgerald learns the real reason for his own father’s murder nearly two decades earlier.
Author:  Chuck Hustmyre



Gerry Lane - An American Success Story


Louisiana auto magnate Gerry Lane is truly an American success story. Over his 60-year career, he has become one of the country’s most successful automobile dealers. Now he's willing to offer his secrets to everyone who seeks a better way. Over a two-year period, Gerry Lane distilled sixty years of toil into this book. In its pages, you will find a funny, heartbreaking, roller-coaster biography of rising up from the dirt, dusting oneself off, and winning the race. You will also relive epiphanies as Gerry learned what ultimately motivates people and separates the doers from the talkers. It is true, the distance between winning and losing is usually short, often only a millisecond. Gerry found he was closer to success than even he imagined, and that applies to you, too.

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Betrayal, Rape, Abuse and, Ultimately, Hope

We are saddened to report that
Sara Wuertz passed away of Aug 11, 2011,
as she lost a hard fought battle with Muscular Dystrophy.

“Poisoned Kiss”

The autobiographical poetry of

Sara Wuertz

New Orleans' most anticipated new author shares her most intimate pain, betrayal and joy.


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Illustrator John Randall York teams up with Author Nicholas Favaza for Outrageous Sci-Fi Novel,
“Never Say Never!”

Hurricanes, Catholic School and New Orleans- A Hilariously Frightful Combination, Indeed!
Toss in a gumbo of toxic sludge and an 80% chance of Zombies, and you have...

“Never Say Never”

The hilariously spooky novel by Nicholas Favaza
Illustrations by John Randall York


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Katrina vs. Pro Football: Two Seasons That Took the City in Wildly Divergent Directions!

New Orleanian Bert Bartlett has been writing about the Saints, New Orleans and the South for most of this decade. Bartlett's most intriguing work to date hits this streets this August:

“A Tale Of Two Seasons”


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As a young girl, Hallie was sent away for summer vacation. Leaving behind Kitty (her best friend and beloved cat), Hallie made the best of the situation by writing letters home to her Kitty. Imagine Hallie's surprise when Kitty starts writing back, describing the mischief going on back home!

“Letters From My Cat”

"Letters from My Cat" is a warm, often funny, and sometimes melancholy story
of a girl and her best friend.

By Helen H. Jackson and Gary Dauphin
Available in eBook format for PC, iPad, and iPhone.
90 Pages

$9.99, FICTON
AVAILABILITY: eBook Avaiable Now!

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