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Only in a state whose politics are notoriously wild could a United States senator best known for his involvement in a sex scandal still be considered the odds-on favorite for governor. And only in Louisiana could a small-town lawmaker flip that script with the help of private investigators, a rogue sheriff, a purple party bus, a gaggle of trial lawyers, and an ad blitz questioning the front runner’s choice of “prostitutes over patriots.”

Long Shot is the story of Louisiana’s 2015 race for governor — but the story of John Bel Edwards’ improbable victory over David Vitter holds lessons for candidates and voters in all 50 states. It’s an inconceivable and sometimes hysterical odyssey that unfolds against the unique backdrop of Louisiana’s back roads, bayous, barrooms, and ballrooms.

Tyler Bridges and Jeremy Alford, two veteran political reporters in Louisiana, take readers deep into the inner workings of the Edwards and Vitter campaigns. To document this unforgettable ride, they interviewed more than 100 of the people who cut the deals, launched the attacks, and even played both sides. Clancy DuBos, one of the state’s foremost political analysts, brought his tremendous knowledge to bear as he edited the book.

Long Shot is a can’t-put-it-down romp about the unforgiving terrain of Bayou State politics and the people who are trying to tame it. With never-before-published details on the 2015 race as well as Louisiana’s storied past, this is a must-have addition to any serious political bookshelf.

By Tyler Bridges and Jeremy Alford, with a foreword by
James Carville & Mary Matalin

Published by The Lisburn Press.
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Tags: Louisiana, Politics, Political Non-fiction, John Bel Edwards, Election


Familiar Evil

Author Rannah Gray is available to speak about the powerful story behind Familiar Evil for your conference, workshop or other event. Please contact her at

With raw honesty and unparalleled access, Familiar Evil tells the story of one man’s international search for a child predator—how perseverance, courage, and the enduring belief in good over evil prove the power of one.





Celebrated Artist

Dylan Barbier

"This is going to happen again." -these lines were spoken profoundly in the series True Detective, beginning from the very time Dora's body was found, bound and naked at the base of an old oak tree.

It is with great honor we announce that we are partnering with celebrated photographer Dylan Barbier on a new collection entitled, "Dora's Tree."

Photographed with permission on private property near Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana, this limited set of images (on canvas, metal and paper) represent some of the finest images of the tree made famous by the HBO Series, True Detective.

Click here to visit Mr. Barbier's page and view some of the images.

And keep an eye for these hashtags around the Internet:
#TrueDetective #DorasTree #DylanBarbier



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A young priest is on the fast track for promotion up the chain of authority in the Catholic Church, when he is embraced by a clandestine group of influential bishops. His relationship with the church, and a lovely young parishioner he is counseling, will change his life as he explores issues of celibacy, male dominance in the church, and marital annulments.

Thunderbolt is a true to life novel about the changes that are taking place in the Catholic Church today. It is a compelling story by first time author Chip Songy of a young Louisiana priest on the fast track for promotion up the chain of the church. The gripping novel deals with current issues including the celibacy requirement for priests and the limitation of the priesthood to males. Our young priest also faces temptation by a female parishioner he is counseling. His dilemma offers the reader a captivating story that builds suspense right up to the end.


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The Clarke Williams Story

Clark Williams is the classical rags to riches story. He set out to prove that his religious faith has a place in creating a business, and he discovered unbounded success. He proved that building a company in the legacy of sound spiritual principles was the only way. Against all odds, this David in AT&T’s Goliath world today is CenturyLink, the third-largest telecom company in America.



FLUX by E. Azariah

Despite their numerous experiences with capture and near-death, Kimbria, Lillia, and Trayson haven't left the worst behind them. Indeed, the three mutants soon learn that the elves never forgive, their enemies never forget, and their world is more full of life and death than they realized.
Now, they must continue to come to terms with this strange world, even though it is in rapid flux.

FLUX is book two in author E. Azariah's series,"Post-Humana Chronicles."

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Part II of the 'Post-Human Chronicles' featuring GEMINI


Capturing Oak Alley

The official photography and history book from
the world famous Oak Alley Plantation

We are the official online distributor for this amazing book!

Master photographers Robert S. Brantley, Philip Gould and Richard Sexton have indeed captured unforgettable portraits of one of our nation's most cherished historic treasures. Capturing Oak Alley parallels their masterpieces with poignant images from the past, as well as pertinent testimony by well known professionals. The first edition is at once a keepsake, a proud tribute to Louisiana's unique golden age, a toast to the Bicentennial Celebration of the Louisiana Purchase and a thing of beauty to enhance any collection of fine books.

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Contraposition Volume III

The official book from

Is a mother someone who raises us? Are they lights on a dark road, shelters from the elements, coded transcriptions of hate and love? Is motherhood a narrative, a metaphor or an image? Perhaps this book suggests that motherhood is all of these things, a human experience that defines and is defined by all of us, so essential is our proximity to "motherness." Perhaps these works of art are part of that experience and parents to our understanding of it. Edited by Ev Malcolm, Nathan Rupp, Chelsea Renhoff and Patrick Fallon; Layout by Gary Dauphin. Cover art “Motherhood-ness” by Diana Toma. Contraposition is a digital and print-based literary magazine. This volume represents a unique selection of poetry, short stories and photography submitted by many talented contributors.

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Edwin Edwards is Back!

The ONLY Authorized Biography by Leo Honeycutt
Available as an eBook NOW!

“Edwin Edwards: Governor of Louisiana”


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The Best Literary Journal on the Internet
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This issue of Contraposition calls our notion of authorship into question. When an idea comes into the world, when we find something beautiful for the first time, we often ask: where is this from? Where can I find more? But this impulse can leave us with a sense of being robbed - when the answer is not quite what we'd hoped - or keep us from searching beyond a source that has pleased us. We'd like to suggest that the relative anonymity of most of this issue's contributors doesn't diminish the value of their work; it gives them a special kind of authority-the kind we give to a child's first words, an openness to a new surprising, beautiful, or humorous connection.

Contraposition is concerned with finding beauty and importance wherever it appears, no matter who it is that may have created it. Poetry and Fiction by various authors.

Edited by Ev Malcolm, Nathan Rupp, Chelsea Rennhoff and Patrick Fallon.

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12 Tears of a Slave
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
by Harriet Ann Jacobs

12 Tears of a Slave: Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl is a slave narrative that was published in 1861 by Harriet Ann Jacobs, using the pen name "Linda Brent." This book is an in-depth chronological account of Jacobs's life as a slave, and the decisions and choices she made to gain freedom for herself and her children. It addresses the struggles and sexual abuse that young women slaves faced on the plantations, and how these struggles were harsher than what men suffered as slaves. This book is considered sentimental and written to provoke an emotional response and sympathy from the reader toward slavery in general and slave women in particular for their struggles with rape, the pressure to have sex at an early age, the selling of their children, and the treatment of female slaves by their mistresses.


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The first novel in the three-book Sci Fi series "Post-Humana Chronicles"
by E. Azariah

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In a world that belongs to the elves, it is nearly impossible for humans to evade the suppressive scrutiny of the government. How, then, could three illegal genetic deviants ever start a movement that could become a Revolution? 

Trayson Kendall has always feared choice; Lillia Hendryck is constantly fighting for choice; Kimbria Press has never known choice in her life. Together, with the help of a mysterious yet resourceful stranger, they will discover what they've been missing: power, change, and choice. 

GEMINI is author E. Azariah's first book in the series, “Post-Humana Chronicles.”

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Part Two of the hit sci-fi series "Imaginary"
by Poppy Jackson

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Charlotte finally has Benjamin back, but her imaginary childhood friend has turned into something far more than she ever conjured up! Just as the dust starts to settle, her friend Moody receives a letter from the death bed of his biological father. With the foreboding threat of Catherine looming over them all, Benjamin sends Charlotte and Moody away to pay respects to his dying father, and for their own safety.

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The Best Literary Journal on the Internet
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As our title suggests, Contraposition is a home for art that is well crafted, but also aesthetically different. The works selected here, be it poetry, short fiction, or visual art, have all be chosen for their authentic and raw exposition of human experience and philosophic concepts. The majority of our work is done by new faces in the literary world; some on the other hand have come from well established, award winning writers and photographers. These pieces presented here have been selected as the best examples of contraposed art.

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The first novel in a three-book series by Poppy Jackson


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The Axman of New Orleans

From the popular murder mystery writer Chuck Hustmyre (Killer with a Badge, A Killer Like Me, House of the Rising Sun) comes his novel based on an historic character from the early 1900s, The Axman of New Orleans. The real life mystery  is told by a detective, Colin Fitzgerald , recently returned wounded from the Great War, who chases an ax murderer in New Orleans. The victims are Italian grocers and their families. Fitzgerald is helped by sidekick news reporter Emile Denoux  -- together they uncover a massive corruption scheme and Fitzgerald learns the real reason for his own father’s murder nearly two decades earlier.
Author:  Chuck Hustmyre



Gerry Lane - An American Success Story


Louisiana auto magnate Gerry Lane is truly an American success story. Over his 60-year career, he has become one of the country’s most successful automobile dealers. Now he's willing to offer his secrets to everyone who seeks a better way. Over a two-year period, Gerry Lane distilled sixty years of toil into this book. In its pages, you will find a funny, heartbreaking, roller-coaster biography of rising up from the dirt, dusting oneself off, and winning the race. You will also relive epiphanies as Gerry learned what ultimately motivates people and separates the doers from the talkers. It is true, the distance between winning and losing is usually short, often only a millisecond. Gerry found he was closer to success than even he imagined, and that applies to you, too.

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Betrayal, Rape, Abuse and, Ultimately, Hope

We are saddened to report that
Sara Wuertz passed away of Aug 11, 2011,
as she lost a hard fought battle with Muscular Dystrophy.

“Poisoned Kiss”

The autobiographical poetry of

Sara Wuertz

New Orleans' most anticipated new author shares her most intimate pain, betrayal and joy.


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Illustrator John Randall York teams up with Author Nicholas Favaza for Outrageous Sci-Fi Novel,
“Never Say Never!”

Hurricanes, Catholic School and New Orleans- A Hilariously Frightful Combination, Indeed!
Toss in a gumbo of toxic sludge and an 80% chance of Zombies, and you have...

“Never Say Never”

The hilariously spooky novel by Nicholas Favaza
Illustrations by John Randall York


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Katrina vs. Pro Football: Two Seasons That Took the City in Wildly Divergent Directions!

New Orleanian Bert Bartlett has been writing about the Saints, New Orleans and the South for most of this decade. Bartlett's most intriguing work to date hits this streets this August:

“A Tale Of Two Seasons”


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As a young girl, Hallie was sent away for summer vacation. Leaving behind Kitty (her best friend and beloved cat), Hallie made the best of the situation by writing letters home to her Kitty. Imagine Hallie's surprise when Kitty starts writing back, describing the mischief going on back home!

“Letters From My Cat”

"Letters from My Cat" is a warm, often funny, and sometimes melancholy story
of a girl and her best friend.

By Helen H. Jackson and Gary Dauphin
Available in eBook format for PC, iPad, and iPhone.
90 Pages

$9.99, FICTON
AVAILABILITY: eBook Avaiable Now!

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