Based on “Old Creole Days: A Story of Creole Life” by George W. Cable 1907 (2021 Illustrated Edition)
196 pages. Full color illustrations by Valerie Khodakovskaya (6x9 softcover has black and white illustrations.)

An historical tale in the most romantic city in America! Explore the streets of the French Quarter with Creole and Quadroon citizens, including connections with the pirate Jean Lafitte and Andrew Jackson.

"While romantic in plot, the stories revealed the multi-cultural and multi-racial nature of antebellum New Orleans society, with ties among the French, Spanish, African, Native Americans and Caribbean Creoles. The author also addresses conflicts that arose following the Louisiana Purchase, when traditional New Orleans Creoles of color had to confront Anglo-Americans, who ultimately asserted their concept of a biracial society, rather than acknowledging the multi-racial class of free people of color."
-- Wikipedia

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Artwork by Valerie Khodakovskaya 
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