Hamlet, King of Denmark

- Richard Edgar Zwez

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Hamlet, King of Denmark
A Play in Three Acts by Richard Edgar Zwez

In Print: Fall 2018
Live Performances: Summer 2019

At the end of Hamlet, Shakespeare left readers in a literary quandary. This new play explores what comes after the Bard’s original ending…

Hamlet, King of Denmark is a story full of lovable characters, action, thought-provoking drama, and laughter.  If you loved Hamlet, you will love Richard Egdar Zwez's take on what would be Shakespeare's next chapter!

Does Horatio honor his commitment to Hamlet; to live and share Hamlet’s story?
Is Latham truly the warrior leader that Denmark needs?
How will the country move forward under a questionable, foreign-born leader?
Which critical players actually survived Shakespeare’s slaughter?

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